Updates and Contact information

Updates and Contact information


Maxwell 18" & 22" being Discontinued and reduced to 50% OFF!


Big News - we have two new BelleTress collections coming between now and January 2024. We also have new styles from TressAllure that we will be adding to the webpage this Fall.

The BelleTress Luxe line will be all brand new Hand-tied Wigs featuring a softer lace, the awesome ear tab to ear tab technology that BelleTress introduced in 2023 and a finer fiber making each of the wigs lighter.

The BelleTress City line will feature, wigs named after well known cities, of course, and will be sporting the different partial and full mono's you have grown to love from BelleTress.

Each new line will also have 12 new colors. It's going to be an exciting last quarter of 2023, So stay Tuned! Catch my lives on FaceBook, Instagram and Youtube. Links listed below-

October's lives will be random - I'm away visiting three of my grand babies and could only take a portion of my wigs with me - time is scarce! I have to soak in the babies while I can. ;)

Facebook: www.facebook.com//tamsglamshopp

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tamsglamshopigshid=MzMyNGUyNmU2YQ%3D%3D&utm_source=qr

YouTube:  @taammynash2946

email: tamsglamshop@gmail.com

TressAllure has new wigs being added to the sight over the next month as well. So stay tuned! 

Belle Tress Discontinued Colors Include:

All wigs with the below listed discontinued colors are listed at 50% off!

Cappuccino with Cherry, Coconut Silver Blonde, Coffee without Cream, Cream Soda Blonde, Dusty Rosa, Graphite, Iced Lavender Latte, Marshmallow, Ocean Blonde, Purple Rain, Red Penny, Sangria, Stardust and Vanilla Lush. 

***These discontinued colors are listed at 50% off all wigs - While supplies last. To ensure your wig and color is in stock before purchasing - please email us at the above listed email.

One of BelleTress' Best Sellers is being discontinued in order to make room for the two new collections. So if you Love Maxwella in either the 18" or the 22" now is the time to get her at 50% off!!!!!

***again email us before ordering any discontinued items to ensure they are still available.

At Tam's Glam Shop we are looking forward to helping you update your look over the holiday season.

We will be adding some accessories like jewelry, we also have fun t-shirts, and can get you quality handbags if interested. Contact us about t-shirts and handbags through our email.

As always, Stay Glam!



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